31 December 2009

Goals for 2010

I'm hesitant to use the phrase New Year's Resolution since I've never stuck with one.  But goals I can meet.  So here are a few of my culinary goals of 2010.

1.  Find a good knife, then buy it.  We bought an okay knife set when we arrived, but I'd love to have a good chef's knife to slice through the big hunks of bacon that my current knifes rip apart.  Key for this knife is a safe carrying case so it can follow us during our next move.

2.  Join Meeta's Monthly Mingle.  I'm not going to set a goal for meeting 12 mingles, but I'd like to at least do eight.  January's theme is Winter Vegetables and Fruit and is due by January 14.  Wish me luck!  (I'm also taking suggestions)

3.  Introduce one new fruit or vegetable a month.  We have a tendency to get stuck in a green beans or broccoli rut, so I'd like to liven things up a bit on the dinner table.  I've also cooked Brussels sprouts a few too many times for them to count as "new" as well.  Perhaps I'll make it a feature on my blog!  "Exotic of the Month"

My other goals are the normal boring ones (eat less fried food, etc).  But I've decided if I can reach these three goals, I'm well on my way to sticking with a (gasp) New Year's Resolution.  But I'm not calling it that.  :)


  1. Goals are good. But what is a mingle? Is it anything like a muggle?

  2. On the drive back to NC yesterday, I gave a little thought to some goals for the year. Maybe they'll get posted somewhere. I think the resolution idea is a little too binding. I'm more likely to beat myself up for quitting as a result of a resolution than not meeting a goal. I suppose it is psychological but whatever works.

  3. Brave you, to put your goals out there. My goal is to eat meat only once a day. I love Global knives. Give them a try!


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