03 January 2010

Christmas Kitchen

My kitchen got a rather large boost this Christmas!  Yay for new toys!

I got not one, but TWO sets of measuring spoons and cups!  I asked Helen to bring me some from the States when we met up in Cologne, and my mom also sent me a set for Christmas.  At first I was worried... and then I realized how fantastic it would be!  Less cleaning between baking sessions! :)  Cookies here I come!

Plus a pastry cutter (from Momma)!  I've recently started making pie crust for my chicken pie, so the pastry cutter is perfect.  I have to admit though, my biscuits are actually better when I don't measure... I haven't quite figured out why, but I'll use the pastry cutter but ditch the measuring cups in the future.

Hubby got me a glorious stabmixer... something I've been drooling over for years, but never bought.  When I pulled this out today, I realized what I would be making for Meeta's Monthly Mingle this month.  Check back next weekend for the recipe!

Hubby's parents sent us the beautiful quilted placemats.  They've been a wonderful addition to our little kitchen... adding that touch of personality and home.

Last, but not least, Meghna sent me chocolate chips through Helen!  Woohoo!  Unfortunately I keep forgetting to get brown sugar from the grocery store until the store is already closed, so I'll have to make them next weekend as well.  I'm super excited about chocolate chip cookies!  I think Hubby might be too... but he also doesn't think the chips will make it into the cookies.  He's afraid we'll eat them before they become cookies.  Silly him.  We can get gobs of cheap tasty chocolate at the grocery store, but we can't get chocolate chip!  These babies are gold!

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  1. oh love kitchen gadgets I ma getting a Le Creuset !
    Happy New Year



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