About Melanie

Hi, and welcome to Fabulously Fun Food! By day, I'm a biologist, but in the evenings I love to cook. After two years of living in Germany, my husband and I are settling back down in the US and are currently living in Nashville, TN.

Most Thursdays Fridays, I co-host a blogging, er, event with my friend Tabitha at Double the Garlic! We now have themed weeks: the first week of the month you'll get a Bread and/or Cheese recipe, then we'll feature the same blogger, next up is an Ingredient of the Month, followed by a Slow Cooker Recipe. If a month has five weeks, Tabitha and I will each pick a recipe that the other person would not make. My taster is my husband Bender who is more than willing to give his honest opinions!

I'm also involved with the incredible Daring Cooks, so you'll see a new recipe up on the 14th of every month for that. I have joined the Secret Recipe Club and am having a blast with it! Now that I'm in my thirtieth year, I've challenged myself to make thirty intimidating items. Watch me conquer my irrational fears! 

So, sit back, take a look around, and find some recipes you'd like to make. Please let me know if you try a recipe and love or hate it! I welcome constructive comments and email.

fabfunfood at gmail dot com

Guten Appetit!

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