18 February 2012


Special Cooking Challenge for my Thirtieth Year!

I've had a post brewing in the back of my mind for over six months now, but I haven't actually sat down to write it. And it should have gone up January 27th. Oops. I stumbled across a fun idea on some other blogs (and it's been long enough that I have no idea which blogs). A challenge if you will. Pick 30 items to make during your 30th year. Not just any old recipe, but things that I've never made before because they've always slightly intimidated me. I'm now three weeks into my thirtieth year and it's time to make my intentions public if I have any hopes of completing the challenge. Incidentally, I picked a item off my list that meshed with my ingredient of the month for February. Below is my tentative list. It is definitely subject to change :) Six months ago, this list was at around 33, but I've made several of them items on the list since then. 

Thirty Intimidating Recipes in my Thirtieth Year
  1. French Onion Soup 
  2. Jam 
  3. Sticky Toffee Pudding 
  4. Barbecue Pulled Pork (including the Barbecue Sauce) 
  5. Pretzels 
  6. Crackers 
  7. Gelato 
  8. Challah 
  9. Savory Souffle 
  10. Layered Cake 
  11. Pita Bread 
  12. Salsa 
  13. Poblano Rellenos 
  14. Ricotta 
  15. Authentic Enchiladas (with flour tortillas) 
  16. Creamy Salad Dressing 
  17. Fried Okra 
  18. Mole 
  19. Mayonnaise or Aioli 
  20. Vanilla Extract 
  21. Pickles (Cucumber and Okra) 
  22. Kimchi 
  23. Rhubarb 
  24. Fudge 
  25. Pork Fried Rice 
  26. Pots de Creme 
  27. Pho 
  28. Beer Tasting Dinner 
  29. Cheese 
  30. Brisket 

Is there a item you think I'm missing? What's on your bucket list to make?  

I'll be creating a special page on the blog to link to my 30 in 30 recipes so you can see them all in one place throughout the year! 

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  1. Kudos on the list and happy late birthday. Your goal is so much more achieveable than mine. I wanted to sleep with Huey Lewis when I turned 30! Sigh, guess that'll never happen now. BTW I've made (or attempted) 20 items on your list. If you need advice or to commiserate, you know how to find me!


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