02 June 2011

Double Take: Taste of Germany

We've been a bit quiet lately, and I beg you to forgive us. Tabitha and I actually got to spend some time together here in Germany! Woohoo! We did a tour of Bavaria with a dip into Austria to see Salzburg. So today, we're both going to share with you some photos of our good eats.

Nuremberg is famous for its sausages. And it's asparagus season here in Germany! In fact, Nuremberg was celebrating asparagus week while we were there. Every restaurant we visited had a special "asparagus menu" just for the week (though most likely it will last throughout the entire asparagus season). Most asparagus here in Germany is white, though occasionally I can find green. Most of it is also much thicker than what you find in the US, but once peeled, it can be quite tender, slightly sweet, and oh so tasty. And if the Hollandaise also has lemon in it? I'm in heaven.

White asparagus with Hollandaise and boiled potatoes.

Nuremberg sausages.

Sometimes when I'm out of leftovers to take for lunch, I'll stop by a bakery and pick up and sandwich on my way in. My favorite sandwiches are on pumpkin seed bread. As you can see, it's covered with pumpkin seeds on the outside, but it's also full of flax seeds and more pumpkin seeds on the inside. This particular one has brie, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber (obviously this was eaten before the big cucumber scare here in Germany). I prefer mozarella to brie on my lunch sandwiches, but when you are in a hurry, you take what you can get.

My breakfast our last morning in Nuremberg.

In Salzburg, I picked up some pretty pink salt. Tabitha and I visited a salt mine while we were there (lots of fun), so I was interested in sampling the wares. I particularly liked the salt bucket and scoop :) One day I'll have a fancy light setup so you can see colors better. For now I'm going off of indirect window light.

Don't worry, Mom. I bought you one, too!

I broke out the salt to use today, and definitely put it to good use! Today is a holiday here in Germany, so I had time to slow cook ribs and roast some veggies. Yum.

Ribs, roasted potatoes, garlic, onions, and tomatoes, and green beans.

Head on over to Double the Garlic to see Tabitha's Taste of Germany!


  1. The sandwich sounded wonderful, especially the bread! The ribs looked yummy too. How was the flavor of the pink salt? Enjoyed the pictures of the different meals.

  2. Hi Melanie, thanks for checking out my blog. I like this post about German food. I do miss the bread so much!
    Re the potato salad: I just joined The Daring Kitchen and I'm looking forward to the challenges.


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